Hello, friends!

Welcome to The Two Sense. A life + style blog by two recent college grads and style obsessed friends, Steph and Melina!

This has been something we’ve both talked about doing for SUCH a long time. We both held the same job senior year of college and spent a lot of our time on Instagram (sorry Helene) looking for new bloggers and dreaming of starting our own someday! We have very similar styles and bonded over our love of J.Crew pixie pants, Sperry duck boots, and Essie nail polish. This blog forces us to stay friends (kidding, we actually like each other) since moving to different places after college and lets us connect with fashion lovers everywhere. We had great inspiration and blogger role models such as Sazan Hendrix and Somewhere Lately. We hope to do the same and inspire, even if on a small scale, everyone who stops by our little slice of the internet machine!

What you can expect.
The Two Sense is a place for us to share our love of style, beauty, food (we love brunch – maybe a little too much), and life! We’re always determined to find the most affordable pieces and best deals out there #ballinonabudget, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love to at least look at all the fancy stuff. I (Melina) have a ridiculous addiction to chapstick and I (Steph) am obsessed with eyeliner. We both drink too much coffee (as you can see from our Instagram feed). We hope you guys can get a sense of who we are through our posts!

Name Origin.
Naming this blog was….difficult to say the least. We wanted something fun and sassy, like us. We found ourselves frequently discussing (giving our two cents, if you will) anything and everything to do with fashion. And since we have similar fashion senses, what better name for our little blog than The Two Sense!

If you have any tips or just want to say hello don’t be shy, we love people and making new friends!

We’re so excited to finally begin this long awaited blogging journey and glad you’re coming along for the ride!

We LOVE Instagram (it helps us work on our photography skills), so make sure to follow @thetwosense for your daily dose of Two Sense!

Steph and Melina