Happy Friday fam! With fall well underway, we wanted to roundup some of our favorite fall/winter essentials. We had our first snowfall in Upstate NY this week, so what better time than to make sure we’re prepared for the colder months.

Melina and I love fall fashion, it’s definitely our favorite season for clothes. Anything that involves layering and big scarves you can count me in for. Here are 5 of our must have fall items this season:

Blanket Scarves

This is pretty much a given but also a complete necessity if you live in Upstate NY or the New England area.  You can wear and style these in so many different ways, which is why we knew it had to be on our list. You can throw one on when you feel your outfit needs that extra something or if you’re just plain cold (confession: I actually wear mine as a blanket sometimes). I recently ordered this scarf from Asos and I’m in love! So cozy.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-8-36-22-amChelsea Boots

Is it actually a fall essentials list without a classic boot on there? We didn’t think so. Chelsea boots are simple yet classic which make them the perfect item to add to your closet this season whether you’re dressing up or going for a more casual look. It may take a few trips to the mall to find the perfect pair but, trust us, it is definitely worth the hunt. These are my favorite wear to work boots and are slowly becoming a real wardrobe MVP of mine.39074489_023_f

Utility Jacket

Is it really fall if you don’t have one of these? I scored this amazing Free People one from Lord and Taylor (on sale of course) and I’ve been wearing it non stop ever since. This is the perfect transition piece when it’s too chilly to go without a jacket but you’re still not ready to put on that winter coat. We are definitely no strangers to the cold but let’s be honest, nobody is ever ready for that.screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-8-40-47-am

Dark Nail Polish

Is it just us or is it something about fresh perfectly polished nails that makes you feel like you have your life together? Your fall outfit isn’t complete without a dark mani (in our opinion). Think deep reds and purples dark enough to make you think it’s black. Make a serious statement in our go-to shade, Wicked by Essie. Something about a dark manicure makes you feel like you can take over the world.


Cute PJ Set

We know, it sucks you can’t sleep with your window open bringing in that warm summer breeze at night. But like everyone always says, you have to look on the bright side and that means a cute new pair of PJs to accommodate the colder days ahead of us. So, shut that window and bring out those warm fuzzy blankets and cozy up people! A few of our favorite sets can be found herehere aaaand here.


We hope this list made you a little less depressed about the colder weather and a lot more excited about killing the fall fashion game.


Steph & Melina



spiritedWhat’s up people?? Long time no chat! I know, we’re bad blog moms. What better time to make our grand re-entrance than Halloween! The most stressful, yet fun and Instagramable time of the year where you can be whatever your little heart desires. Since most of you reading this probably don’t have a costume yet, here are some last-minute ideas that are cute and not horribly basic:


I am OBSESSED with the movie Now You See Me. If you haven’t seen it yet, please return to this post when you’re done. The wardrobe in that movie is my inspiration for this costume. It’s chic, fitted, and all black which is a plus. My vision is your favorite black jeans, boots, black tank/ body suit, and bomber jacket (so in right now)/ leather jacket. Then all you need is some white gloves, hat, and a wand. If you want to throw a little Two Sense touch, grab a fake bow tie from Party City. Abracadabra betch.


Party Animal

We’re all about the puns. This one might be a spin on being a cat but hey, whatever you got to do to show people that you tried. If you want to be cute and chic, grab your fur vest and cat ears, draw some whiskers, and carry around a bottle of bubbly all night. Or, if you want to be silly, grab one of those classic party hats from the dollar store. Boom, you’re hilarious. And don’t forget the leopard!


A great alternative to actually buying a costume is painting your face. Tons of my favorite Youtubers have put up tutorials this season on how to draw a skull and it’s surprisingly easier than it looks! I love this one and this one. I’d go all black and chic for this look. People would never know you didn’t buy a costume! And it gives you a chance to show off your inner Picasso.

Mary Poppins

God bless LC and her creativity. I know she did this a few years back and it’s seriously genius. All you need is a black flowy skirt, white button down, red bow tie, umbrella, and a black hat. Skip the tights if you’re feeling scandalous.



This costume requires a ton of highlight, glitter, and pastel colors. Start with some pink and blue glitter for the eyes, then dust your favorite highlighter on your cheeks. When you think you’re done add some more. Top it off with a pastel purple/pink lip gloss like this one from Revlon. Here’s a cute, inexpensive unicorn horn from Party City to finish off the look. Break out that white sundress from summer  for the rest of your outfit because screw the white after Labor Day rule. You’re a unicorn and unicorns make their own rules!

What are you being for Halloween this year? Any ideas we missed? Let us know in the comments below!


Steph and Melina