Welcome to the first ever Treat Yo Self Tuesday! On Tuesdays, Melina and I are going to be bringing you various ways to treat yo self because we both know that you’ve earned it, and you deserve it. You’re welcome. This Tuesday, we’re coming at you with 5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs because April is dark, rainy, and blah.

1. Self Tanner

“Life is better tan”- Anonymous (okay it was me). There’s no better way to beat the blues this winter than by having a glow. Personally, I like to pay for spray tans because I’m lazy and I want results fast. But, my favorite drug store self tanner definitely goes to Neutrogena’s Micro Mist Sunless Tan. There’s no streaking and it smells awesome. The color pay off isn’t huge but it still gives you a nice airbrushed finish. Does anyone have any self tanners they recommend? What are your favorites!

neutrogena sunless tan

2. Concert Tickets

Summer isn’t summer without a good concert. Sometimes you have to pull the trigger on a show you’ve been dying to see, and that’s okay. Get up off the couch, stop watching Netflix, and get some concert tickets. You’ll feel better about yourself and you deserve it #treatyoself

3. Bright Lipstick

This is pretty much a no brainier. A bright, bold lip is just what the doctor ordered to combat these winter blahs! Melina just snagged Menace by Urban Decay and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Menace is a matte medium fuchsia pink that’s guaranteed to brighten your mood! We love bright pinks and corals for spring and summer this year!

Urban Decay Menace

4. Sunglasses

This is pretty obvious but I feel like a brand new human when I get a fresh pair of shades. If you want a trendy pair but don’t want to break the bank then I suggest going to Target (like you needed another reason to go). You can read more about my favorite designer shades in our Spring Must Haves post here.

5. New Workout Clothes

Cute workout clothes are the key to actually wanting to work out. It’s science. Still not too late to brush off those New Year’s resolutions and get back to the gym. Bikini season is closer than we think and you’re not gonna get that bod by eating popcorn and binge watching How to Get Away With Murder on Netflix (guilty af). Go to the mall and grab some new shorts, tank tops, and maybe even a new pair of sneakers if you’re really feeling generous. I’ve been eyeing this pair!

nike juvenate

We hope you enjoyed Episode 1 of Treat Yo Self Tuesday! What are some ways you’re going to combat the winter blahs? Let us know in the comments!


Steph and Melina


Happy Thursday everyone! I can’t believe it’s APRIL ALREADY. Normally, I would be talking about how excited I am that the weather is warm and spring is around the corner, but for those of you who live in Upstate, New York know that’s currently not the case. Mhm, it snowed again.

They don’t want you to wear sandals.

Look, just because Mother Nature is a hater, doesn’t mean a girl can dream of warm weather and sandals somewhere else.

Anyways, I’m done ranting about how much the weather physically pains me, I’m here to share what I’ve been loving for the month of March! March was good to me, I discovered some amazing products I don’t think I’ll be able to live without. Let’s get right into it!

march favorites 2016

1.  Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

An amazing shampoo and conditioner duo for such an affordable price! This is a great combo if you want volume AND moisture which can be hard to come by. I’ve been recently testing out using conditioner first and THEN shampoo and I’m really liking the results. My hair is still silky soft with a ton of volume at the roots!

2. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Such an amazing affordable sea salt spray. It creates gorgeous beach waves without that 7th grade crunchy hair feeling. I like to use on damp hair (make sure it’s not soaking wet) and spray all over my head and scrunch. Then, I like to use a diffuser attachment with a blow dryer to fluff my hair up and define the waves even more. A staple hair look for spring and summer!

3. Benefit’s Gimme Brow

Late to the party on this product, but definitely a favorite for March nonetheless. It’s great to use everyday for work to define your brows and give them natural look at the same time. When I’m doing a more dramatic look, I like to fill in my brows with brow powder and then set it with the Gimme Brow #browsonfleek

4. Neutrogena Makeup Remover: Hydrating

These wipes are bomb.com people. Takes off mascara with ease and really gentle around the eyes. And they smell amazing!

5. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

It’s safe to say this is my new holy grail dry shampoo. The scent is so fresh and so clean (props to anyone that noticed my Outkast reference) and gives that day 2 hair the boost of volume it needs and deserves. Definitely a must have!

6. Formula 10.0.06 Best Face Forward Daily Cleanser

I’ve had this product in my shower for a while but never really used it until I started using it with a Clarisonic. It’s such a perfect cleanser to use in the morning to wash away the oil and dirt from when you were sleeping, plus the scent is so refreshing right when you wake up!

7. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30

Unfortunately, I’ve been plagued with dry skin this winter. Ever since I started wearing makeup, I’ve had oily skin and have worn foundation. So as you can imagine, taking the step to wear a tinted moisturizer was really hard for me at first. I still wanted that coverage, but was it worth it to have cake face by lunch time? I needed something in the middle so I decided to give this one a try and I’m so glad I did! The formula is lightweight but still covers imperfections while looking like your skin. I definitely give this my #twosensesealofapproval

8. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

New.Favorite. Moisturizer. The Hyaluronic Acid in the moisturizer plumps and hydrates your skin by releasing water into it throughout the day.  But, how can that be?? Won’t I be a grease ball by noon? The answer: NO! The formal for this gel is SO lightweight and drys in seconds. Definitely a favorite of mine this month!

 What were some of your beauty favorites this month? Let us know in the comments!


Steph and Melina


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It’s Friday and I’ve officially declared it spring. Slowly but surely the weather is getting warmer which means we can put the sweaters away and start busting out the spring wardrobe – it’s about time, am I right? I don’t know about you but I bought a few things this winter that I’ve been dying to wear, like this cargo vest. Luckily, this week the sun was shining bright enough for me to finally break it out of my closet and into the light where it belongs. Also, nothing screams Friday like some fun fringe so this bag is perfect for the weekend! What is your favorite spring piece you can’t wait to rock?

Outfit details:

Jeans: Topshop // Top: H&M // Vest and bag: Target // Booties: Sole Society


Steph & Melina

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spring must haves


Spring has finally sprung here in Upstate New York, meaning the weather reached over 50 degrees! Breakout the bikinis and shorts, it’s sunbathing weather. In honor of this warm weather, we’re bringing you our spring must haves this season. To start, can we just say we’re really feeling the trends this year. Like, give me everything in the Pantone Color of the Year.

This spring is all about off the shoulder tops, lace up flats, chunky heels, and ripped denim. We’ve compiled a list of some save and some splurge items for those who like to #treatyoself.

1. Chambray

For us, chambray will never go out of style. And when it does, I promise we won’t care. We recommend investing in a quality chambray shirt like this one from Gap. They always have sales too so make sure you keep an eye out!!

2. Lace Up Flats

They’re on everyone’s list for good reason. Melina and I actually own the same pair so stay tuned to see how we style them for spring! These babies go great with anything, dress them down with jeans or throw on a dress and they look amazing!

3. Florals

Naturally, florals made it on our list. You really can’t go wrong with this floral tee dress from Asos. Throw this on with a pair of lace up flats or espadrilles and bam, you are slaying for spring.

4. Off the Shoulder

We love this trend so much we had to feature it twice. Seriously, this might be my favorite one this year. It’s so classy yet sassy, much like myself. Perfect for a night out on the town or a casual lunch date!

5. Ripped Denim

I can never resist a pair of white distressed denim, even though it’s almost guaranteed I spill something on them every time I wear them. I love pairing them with a slouchy tee for a more casual spring look.

6. Chunky Heels

How adorable are these chunky heels from sole society? Wear these to work, lunch, or happy hour (I know I will). You’ll be the trendiest girl in the room with the comfiest shoes #winwin.

7. Colored Shades

If you don’t want to spend serious cash on some designer shades, but still want to have the designer feel without breaking the bank, keep reading. Warby Parker makes some of the best quality eyeglasses and sunglasses for only $95! Some designer pairs run over $200 and nobody has time for that. I love bright shades for spring like this pair here. They have The Two Sense seal of approval.

8. Espadrilles

Okay so, the entire Dolce Vita for Target collection slays my life. Espadrilles are great to throw on with a pair of jeans or shorts to mix up your sandal rotation. It was really hard to only pick one shoe to feature because I love them all. Bonus: shoes and clothes are $15 off $75 right now! YAY Target!

What are some of your spring staples? Let us know in the comments!


Steph and Melina


FullSizeRender IMG_4332

Happy Monday guys! Today I’m talking all about treating yourself AND your skin. Fun fact about me: I’m obsessed with cleaning my face and skin care. Seriously, I have a very strict morning and night ritual! I don’t think I’ve ever let my head hit the pillow before making sure my face is fresh and clean. I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to  wear more make up (because I attempt to contour and wing my eyeliner – which usually fails) on the weekends, so I like to make sure I put some extra effort in cleansing it after a night out. This weekend I tested out some of the nügg Beauty Face Masks. I was instantly sold when I found out these were available at Target. My obsession with Target is out of this world but I know I’m not the only one. I never bought anything at Target and not liked it. That record continues to hold true with these cute and portable face mask pods. Here are just a few reasons why!

The ingredients. Over 90% of the ingredients in these face masks are natural/naturally derived. They don’t contain chemical emulsifiers, parabens, or synthetic coloring. For me this is super important because I have sensitive skin. Also, I don’t think my skin would be too thrilled if I was putting all that kind of stuff on it.

The variety. There is a nügg face mask out there for dry, sensitive, stressed or tired skin. Whatever your skin needs, there is a face mask for it by nügg Beauty. So far, my favorites are the exfoliating (found here) and revitalizing (found here) ones, but I’m still working on testing them all out!

The price. Like I said before, I have an obsession with skin care but sometimes that can get expensive. For only $3.29 (no, this is not a drill) you can snag these cute little face mask pods from Target. Who said skincare can’t be effective and affordable?

The package. Do I even have to go into how cute these pods are? Their size makes it convenient to store or pack in your bag for a trip. The mask is also protected from oxidation in this packaging so worry not. I personally love when beauty products come in small packaging because I feel like I can better organize all of my products.

Bonus: They don’t test products on animals

Bottom line, my face feels great after using these masks. It’s like my own 10 minute daily spa treatment. Ladies (and gentlemen), I would definitely recommend treating yourself and your skin to these face masks!

Their website lists all of their products with information on how to use, what ingredients are used, and much more. Check it out here: www.nuggbeauty.com

Has anyone else tried the nügg Beauty Face Masks or any of their other products? I got my eyes on their lip mask next!


Steph and Melina